Confession #2 – News & Weather Apps for the iPad Mini

Since some of my devices run different iOS versions, I’m going to share what apps I have on each device and why. My iPad Mini was running iOS 6 up until a couple of days ago (I’ve just updated it to iOS 7), so most of the apps I have on my Mini didn’t require iOS 7. Rather than list every single app on my devices, I’m going to focus on what are the essential apps for me.

News & Weather Apps

Flipboard: If you haven’t heard of this app before, I suggest you crawl out from under the rock you’ve been living under and download it now. It’s sleek, it’s stable, it’s customizable, and it integrates well with many more of my essential apps. FREE

MacHash News: I work with Macs and iOS devices on a daily basis so it’s critical that I have the latest information at my fingertips. MacHash news is not just for Mac geeks, it’s for everyone who has a Mac or iOS device, is thinking about getting one, or just enjoys technology. In short, my life would suck without this app. FREE

The Weather Channel for iPad: Since I’ve yet to discover a Jim Cantore only weather app, this one will have to do. FREE

I have many more news & weather apps than what’s mentioned above, but these three are my essentials, and best of all they are FREE.

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